How do I get my chosen background to show?

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    See, I’m flummoxed already. This topic IS a SUPPORT question. So it would be incorrect to choose that option from the drop down topics. I shouldn’t really choose NOT RESOLVED as I am only just posting this NEW topic. Nor should I choose RESOLVED as I’m only just posting this NEW topic. Sometimes I think my head must be wired up differently than everyone else’s because a simple issue like this, where I’m seeking your help, doesn’t make sense to me. It states NEW TOPIC for the form title and I’m sure I’m in the SUPPORT area of the forum. And besides, your rules clearly states, users to ensure they post their topics / questions in the correct forum areas. The option of ‘This topic is: not a support question’ is offering a get out of jail card for those who neither read the forum rules or care about keeping them and posting anything but a support question in this area. Sorry, as you might guess, I am a newbie trying to get my head around WP themes only to find I’m stumped just seeking help. Happen I’m expecting too much of myself. Well, if I’m not thrown out for being pedantic or being in the wrong area with my query, here goes:

    As you can see from the following url, I have chosen a grass background image:

    But the only time it is visible is when I’m moving from one page to another; and then only briefly.

    Sorry, but as you might imagine I have a number of queries and will do my best to find their existence already in your forum. Otherwise, I guess i will need to raise a new topic for each question? Unless there’s a willing guru prepared to let me blitz him or her with my questions on the Graphene them. And all this, can you believe, after my finding the only theme I can work with. The only one that made sense to me; in the majority!

    Many thanks for all your hard work and your assistance.



    It’s ok, I have found out for myself how to do this. Rather than using the onboard tools for WP I needed to change the background choice in the theme’s own options.

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