How do I fix my RSS feed?

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    Hey, I have no idea why my rss feed isn’t working. Can Someone help? How can I fix this?I tried installing Fix RSS Feed plugin. But it still isn’t validating. My website is and my feed is I’m using and I’m getting these highlighted errors:

    12. <title> » </title>

    31. <content:encoded><![CDATA[<!– Start Shareaholic LikeButtonSetTop Automatic –><div style=”clear: both; min-height: 1px; height: 3px; width: 100%;”></div><div class=’shareaholic-like-buttonset’ style=’float:none;height:30px;’></div><div style=”clear: both; min-height: 1px; height: 3px; width: 100%;”></div><!– End Shareaholic LikeButtonSetTop Automatic –><p>Amazed Yo so I was hanging out at Mr. Miyagi’s house and I had a Mad Jank time tonight. It was CraAAAaazy LETS GO! I saw some faces that I missed, love your faces guys. It was fun meeting some new dudes and girls. I met a girl that looks EXACTLY like Selena Gomez, but she’s not her….oh. Sucks, but i mean #itswhateverdude. I don’t really care she said something along the lines of,</p>

    51. <p><iframe src=”; frameborder=”0″ width=”395″ height=”248″></iframe></p>



    See if this helps:

    Seems Prisana has answered this several times. Think your gonna have to update your header.php

    Hopefully that will fix your issue 🙂


    Kenneth John Odle


    Or you can wait for 1.6.1 maintenance release. Should be along soon.



    Hey guys, I’m just going to wait for the maintenance release because some reason the code didn’t work with my site. I entered the code that Prasanna gave me into theme-head.php but it gave me warning labels. I wasn’t even able to log onto my website. But luckily I was able to fix it because Prasanna provided me with the old coding. ^^Thank you. Yeah idk i think it’s just worth the wait, apparently the update is on the way…



    Fixed the issue in his site. So, marking this thread as resolved.



    Thank you so much Prasanna! You’re the man! Such a great help when I really need it.

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