How do I change the main menu

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    I’ve been able to add a custom menu, which shows under the main menu. This is awesome. Thank you!

    But what I’d also like to be able to do is change the order of the items of the main menu. How can we customize the main menu?

    On my site, I’m referring to the first menu in the header area: that has Home, About, etc. Where can I get to this menu to change the items that appear there, or to change the order of them?

    Thank you so much!



    Go to Appearance -> Menu

    Select the menu you created for example under Theme Locations, there’s a pull down your main menu should be called “main-nav.”

    Once that’s selected you can re-arrange your menu as you please on the right side. Moving a current page or post slightly to the right with your mouse makes it a sub menu to the top parent menu. Hope this helps!




    Thank you. That’s an excellent tutorial. And got my menus customized!

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