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    Hi. Okay, I know that this is a stupid question because everyone else seems to be doing fine making an archives page, but I just don’t know how. I can’t make an archives page the way WordPress Codex says because there isn’t an Archives template on the Page Attributes options. I tried to use the [archives] shortcode but that does nothing. I searched for “archives” in the wiki but found nothing. I looked at all the Dashboard menus I could, but found nothing. I seached “archives” in this forum and found nothing. I thought “” would work automatically, but that does nothing. I know I’m missing something, but I don’t know what else to do.

    Please tell me how to make an archives page.


    Kenneth John Odle


    “Archive” refers to different things; the most common archives are tag archives and category archives. If you click on either of those things in a post (notice that they are links), it will take you to the archive for that tag or category.



    Hi Kenneth. I’m not talking about the page of specific posts for a certain tag or category. I’m talking about a general archive page with a list of ALL the posts in my blog, as described by this Codex page: I thought this is what Graphene’s “archive.php” was for. I’m asking how to apply that Graphene “php template” to a page, if that is possible (I thought this was what people with Graphene and archive pages were doing).

    According to the codex page (and Graphene’s archive.php code) you can order the archive by month, subject, year, etc. So I guess you could also order that list by category or tags, but showing ALL categories or ALL tags in the same page, not just a single one.



    I’ll have to dig into that codex page to see what they are describing. Sometimes the codex pages are a bit outdated… and don’t (always) necessarily have the correct information.

    In the meantime… what about creating another category called “Archive”. And just assign every post to the “Archive” category (in addition to whatever other category they may appear).

    Then, create a menu item for that category in your custom menu. When clicked, it would show every post on your website, in order of date (I believe).


    Kenneth John Odle


    you can order the archive by month, subject, year

    Yes, you can. (And Josh is right–a lot of the info on that page is kind of old. But that page is really aimed at theme designers, not general users.)

    If you use the correct permalink structure, you can have month and year archives pretty easily. Here are a couple of examples:

    An archive for October, 2011:

    An archive for 2011:

    I’m not sure what you mean by “subject”; I think you’re looking for a tag or category.



    I appreciate your suggestions to imitate the functions of archives.php. The thing is, “the” archive page is designed to show a simple, custom-ordered list of links to all blog posts, not pages and pages of excerpts. Prasanna’s archive is a great example of this: (I’m sure he knows exactly how to do what I’m talking about, unless it’s just a plugin he’s using…)

    My point is: Graphene already has an “archives” page template (archive.php), and it’s just a matter of applying it as a template to a page. I managed to modify the first lines of php of that file to make it appear on the “Template” list of the Page Attributes menu (in the page editor), but saving a new page with that template doesn’t do anything as is…



    Try this plugin – Clean Archives Reloaded

    I’m using the same plugin in my site. Archives – Intuition



    Thanks Prasanna. That was the plugin I was gonna use if nothing else worked out in the end. What sucks is that the plugin only orders posts by month. I’d still love to find a way to order the archive list alphabetically, or by categories, or tags, etc. 🙁


    Kenneth John Odle


    The thing is, “the” archive page is designed to show a simple, custom-ordered list of links to all blog posts, not pages and pages of excerpts.

    The archive page is designed to show whatever the theme designer wants it to show, so as far as Graphene is concernd, you’re right; for something simple, you will need a plugin. I like Kalin’s List Post plugin, which achieves something similar.

    Like I said, the page on the codex that you linked to is mainly aimed at theme designers, but if you wanted to use that code, you could just drop it into a PHP widget and then use the Widget Logic plugin or a bit of PHP magic to make it appear on just that page (or a group of related pages).



    I think Kalin’s Post Listing plugin will make it better.

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