How can I translate buttom "continue reading" on russian?

  • TheStigger1


    I tried. This plugin finds this text, but when I enter russian text – nothing changes. Even when I enter any english text – nothing changes. Did you use this plugin?


    Syahir Hakim


    What’s the Russian translation of Continue Reading? Type it here and I’ll update the translation file for you.



    Continue Reading – Продолжить чтение (verbatim)


    Читать полностью – Read full text (sounds better)


    Syahir Hakim


    Actually, the translation file already has the translation for the “Continue reading” text. I just tried it on my local server and the translation displays properly on my end.

    Try downloading the theme’s latest language pack here:

    Scroll down after the list of languages the theme is available in, and you should see a download link for the latest language pack, along with the instruction on how to use it.



    Thanks!! 🙂

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