How can I set up my picture on the post and remove the home page on the first page

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    Hello Graphene Theme Staff,

    The question is on the link.


    Thank you very much.



    To remove the home page, insert this into your custom css:

    #post-5 {display:none; }

    Regarding image sizes, the image in the left pane is 340 x 170 pixels while the image on the right is 350 x 300 pixels.




    -Thank a lot ,now I’m alreadly remove home page out.

    -About the picture, when I check on the first page I found that they have different size.

    But when I check on HTML code in my edit post page they have the same size.

    -Can I ask you something?,What to do If I want to make a line around each post.

    Thank you very much for your help.



    Dear Josh,

    – Now I can resolve the problem about picture by re-install new wordpress

    – But something happen,When I try to put the code “#post-5 {display:none; }” into Stylesheet .css,for this time

    the home page does not remove.I don’t know what happen,before re-install WP I put your code and everything is work fine

    Here is the position that I insert the code

    .homepage_pane .post-excerpt{

    color: #696a6a;

    font: normal 12px/18px arial;


    .homepage_pane .post-excerpt p{

    margin-bottom: 10px;


    .homepage_pane .post-comments{

    margin-top: 10px;

    margin-right: 0;


    #post-5 {display:none; }

    Sorry for disturb you too much.I really need your help.

    Thank you so much




    Kenneth John Odle

    When I try to put the code “#post-5 {display:none; }” into Stylesheet .css

    Do not edit theme files.

    Go to Graphene Options >> Display Options >> Custom CSS

    and enter that code there. Be sure to click the “Save” button.


    before re-install WP I put your code and everything is work fine

    This is because when you re-installed, the id’s of post’s changed. Every post gets a unique ID. You can use Mozilla Firebug to identify the ID of a specific post or page.

    For your new install.. try this code:

    #post-12 {display:none; }




    Thank a lot for your support , I can solve my problem now.

    Just one thing left,How can I make the line around each post?

    Thank you again,


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