How can I set up more page on post page.

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    Dear Graphene Theme Staff,

    1.Now I have some problem on my post page that show on my front page display.

    I use Static page on Front page displays.Now I post my content for 14 posts and I plan

    to post it more.I afraid that my front page is too long.So,I try to find the way to make the subpage

    on my post page, each subpage show just only 10 posts.I Try to adjust in Graphene option

    Several times but It does work.Please help me to set up more page on post page.

    2.How can I do if I want make a line around each post.

    3.How can I do if I want change the style of my post (Some time I want to shown in Horizontal).

    I have the picture of my question in my link : null

    Thank you very much for your support

    Best Regards,




    For that you need to create another page and set it as posts page. So, your new posts will be located at yoursite/blog or yoursite/news or whatever the slug you use for that posts page.

    I’m using the same method on my blog

    You can’t actually have page 1 of 6 – 1 2 3 4… when using homepage panes. But you can create a virtual pagination using action hooks.



    Thank you a lot

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