How can I remove the default image border from a single image?

  • foxhunter


    I have a few images on the homepage and other pages that would be better served without the default grey box. How can I remove this box on a specific image, but leave it as default for most of the other images?



    Can you provide link to the page where that image is located? You may need to add CSS classes to the image to target specific images. Or, wrap the image with div tag with unique ID. That way we can remove border around specific images.



    I would like to do it on multiple pages with different images, but here is an example:



    Put those images within <div class="no-image-border">image</div> tag and use this CSS,

    .no-image-border .entry-content img, .no-image-border .child-page img {
    border: none;

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