How can I remove image from slider and above post?

  • rpallen


    I’m using Franz Josef theme.

    I have a new post which has a small (100×100 px) image in the body of the post. On the homepage, in the slide in the slider for this post, the image from the body is used as the background for the slide. Also, this image appears above the post in the body of the webpage. In both cases, the image size is increased from 100×100 to whatever size is needed to fill the width of the slider or the body of the post. I don’t want an image for this at all, especially since this image looks terrible because it’s out of focus because it is increased from 100×100 to much bigger.

    Is there a way to remove these two images?




    Nevermind. I discovered the plugin Hide Featured Image which allowed me to do this.


    Syahir Hakim


    There is an option to disable the featured image being displayed in the single post page. Navigate to the WP Customizer > Franz Josef: Display > Posts, and tick the option Hide featured image.

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