How can I optimize space in an action hook ad?

  • pintar


    Hello, I would like to know how I can use a space that is above the widgets on the right, in front of a 728 * 90 ad placed in the action hook “Before content-main ,” Thank you.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You should be able to add another text widget to the action hook widget area and float it either left or right, depending on your layout.



    Hello, I’ve tried, <div style=”float:left> ad code <div> for the first ad and in another text widget the same label but “float:right” for the right content, but still out both under each other , on the left side.



    Link to your site?



    Hi There, I think I’m in the right thread to as this question. I added an ad in the “Graphene before main” action hook area. However there is a grey apace around the top and the bottom of the ad. How can I reduce the buffer area around the top?



    Kenneth John Odle


    Add this to custom CSS:

    .entry-content img, .child-page img {border:none;}



    Hmmm…. okay. this is an interesting issue. I activated the “Before content-main” action hook. Added an image widget to the area (same image widget I use throughout the site with no problems) and the widget and ad I placed there shows up on my computer but can not be seen by anyone else.

    If I cash out and log out of WP, then return to the site the image is gone and/or not viewable. As I log into the WP dashboard the image then appears on my site but only viewable on my computer.

    Any idea what on earth could be causing this.

    I do not know how to add a screen shot to this forum or I would show you what I see on the website when I’m simultaneously logged into wordpress at the same time.

    It only affects this one widget area. All the other widget areas with the same “Image Widget” plugin work just fine.



    Oh, I also have another graphene site that I have used the same widget and the same action hook on and it comes up just fine. Its the banner ad for the Elvis Presley bedding.



    Got it! It was a plugin issue and the ad is up and looks great! THANK YOU!! 🙂


    Kenneth John Odle


    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.

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