How can I move facebook comment plugin from above to under comment action hook ??

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    When I installed the face book comment plugin it appears above the action hook of my comment template. How can I move it to under the action hook so the word “Comments” that I have on the action hook can appear above it not below it? I want the plugin to appear right under comments

    here is an example of the problem , scroll down to comment area



    Kenneth John Odle


    Use a different action hook.


    Kenneth John Odle


    At home now and WAMP is fired up.

    In comments.php, try the graphene_after_comments action hook. If I read your post right, that should do the trick.



    no I guess I cant do it using an action hook because then the custom footer gets messed up? So it has to be through a code that moves the plugin ? is that possible


    Kenneth John Odle


    How did you add the Facebook Comment plugin?



    I added it through the plugins search in word press like every other plugin iv added. I think it does not mess up my footer its just a pain because when I add the comment action hook it forces me to re-drag all of the custom footer menu, not really a big deal. But the comment action hook appears behind the plugin instead of forcing it down and the words appearing above it, that’s the problem why its not appearing, because its being covered up instead of moving the plugin below it.

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