How can I make Graphene slider look like this websites graphene slider?

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    I want to make my slider look like this websites slider who also uses the graphene theme, How would I go about this (picture full width, entire slider clickable, only exert showing in bottom on an overlay)?

    Site Slider I want to copy

    -Thank you in advance



    ok I figured it out that I can make it like that through graphenes updated options for the slider. But what image size do I have to have my featured images at so it does not tile?

    and how can I change the color of the overlay and text in the overlay?



    I am trying to move my slider to the left but this code is not working even though it works on fire bug?

    #content .featured_slider, .container_16 #content .slider_post {
    width: 650px;

    any suggestions ?

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