How Can I hide the posts under BLOG that I am using for the slider

  • katiekay



    I would like to be able to hide the posts I have created to show up in the slider. They are showing up under my Blog category.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Do you mean that you do not want the posts that show in the slider to show on the front page? If so, you need this post.



    No, I disabled the front page posting. I don’t want the posts to show on my BLOG. Take a look –


    Kenneth John Odle


    Oh, I get it. You want the slider to just display illustrations. So you’ve created three posts with those illustrations that show up in the slider. BUT, you don’t want those posts to show up in the blog. Yes?

    If that’s the case, I’m not sure there is a way, because the slider automatically pulls from the latest posts.

    If your pictures are all the same height, you could use a custom URL for the slider, and then direct the custom URL to some sort of image rotator. The slider would still pull text from the latest posts, but if you set the height of the slider to the height of the images, the information from the posts wouldn’t show.

    I tried this on my personal blog, but my image rotator rotates images every time the page is refreshed. You would need one that refreshes every five seconds or so…you would need to look for one of those. (If you refresh my page, you see a different image.)

    Hope this helps.




    Ok Ken – Thank you for your help, I think I will just enhance the post and decrease the size of the image in the post and add a description so it looks like a post, hee hee


    Kenneth John Odle


    Maybe an image rotator like this one.


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