How can I fix slider from overlapping navigation menu only on google chrome ?

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    My front page looks horrible on Google chrome with stuff overlapping ( like my main navigation menu overlapping my slider) but on internet explorer and fire fox everything looks perfect?

    What can I add to fix this issue ?

    Thanks in Advance



    I know its the css code that I put on my site to move my buttons that are on top of the actual header image. I placed the buttons text block inside the navigation menu graphene header action hook. It works fine in Internet explorer, and Fire fox but on Google chrome it looks horrible , it appears to fix itself when you hover over the main navigation menu ? IS there anything I can do to fix this ?



    every time I put it into a new action hook to try google chrome seems to slide the page up a little to which ruins everything



    is there a way to put it in a page and then move it to the header using css and have it appear on every page as if it were an action hook? Maybe through some type of functions code ?



    fixed Google Chrome requires Position to be added to CSS

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