How can I change the order of plugins at the end of each post?

  • Susana


    On my page ( … how can I change the order of the plugins that appear at the end of each post? like sharing buttons, related post and rating stars?… I would love to put first the stars and then the share buttons and finally the related posts… please help me…




    I know this is duplicated… because Kenneth John Odle told me: “Link to page where we can see this live?. Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.”.

    So I added the link to my page and I moved my question here… And now you tell me this is duplicated?… Please can you help me or I have to put the same question somewhere else?




    He moved your thread to support section. You could’ve replied with link to your site in that post itself.

    The actual solution for this is to change the priority of those filters plugged into the_content. For that you have to figure out the name of the functions that are plugged into the_content filter, remove them, and then re add those filters with desired order. See this post.

    Another (dirty) solution is to change the appearance using CSS. Add this to Custom CSS.

    .entry-content #fcbk_share {
    margin-top: 35px;
    .entry-content .rw-ui-container {
    margin-top: -810px;



    thanks Prasanna!

    If do you like the design of, you can download the icons, for free, in this link:

    thank you so much!

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