How can Add a new language in the theme?

  • M de Nikas


    Hello! I am so happy I could work out the theme!! yey!!

    I founded a translated theme into catalan, I’ve been looking around and I don’t know where to insert this files:


    I have no FTP acces, all I do is through the web.

    Thank you very much



    in graphene/languages folder.

    I have no FTP acces, all I do is through the web.

    Don’t you have a file manager in your hosting control panel?

    M de Nikas


    Thanks! This is for a client and I have only to work through the wordpress web in the theme….

    So I need either FTP or acces to the hosting to be able to upload this language file, isn’t it?

    Thank you very much!!



    Ask your client for FTP access.

    M de Nikas


    Thanks for the help!


    Syahir Hakim


    It’s likely that those files you found are the translation files for WordPress itself, and not the theme. If that’s the case, it should go into wp-content/languages/ and not in the theme’s folder. Create the languages folder if it doesn’t exist.

    The theme don’t have a Catalan translation yet.

    M de Nikas


    Yes, I was going to put the files into the folder of language, but I did find this catalan files, do you think the theme would not recognize them?

    I founded this:

    thank you for the reply!


    Syahir Hakim


    It’s not a matter of whether the theme will recognise them. It’s simply that those translation files contain the translations for the strings in WordPress, and not in the theme. When you use that, the strings that come from the theme will not be translated, only the strings that come with WordPress.

    In order to translate the strings from the theme, you would have to create a new translation file for the theme. The link that I gave you from the other thread should help you get started with that.

    M de Nikas


    Thank you very much! yes, I downloaded the program as well as the graphene.pot file, but then I saw this one, and I thought YEY!! less work…..

    I was working on it, my baby came along, touch for an instant the keyboard and all went blank.. 🙁

    I will start again on this file, then I should save it with a different name or what? so the theme will recognize the file.

    thanks for all this help, it makes all much easier!!

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