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  • EducatedSavage


    I just updated to the latest release of Graphene and now my home page pans aren’t showing and my slider has stopped rotating. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I confess, I am not a whiz at PHP, so it may be something really obvious. To see what I’m talking about, visit: http://www.inkwellinternational.com

    Thanks so much!


    Kenneth John Odle


    I don’t see a slider at all on your page. Did you disable it?



    No, I did not. It’s in the side bar, so where it has a profile for Alexa C, that is the slider. 🙂



    Have you gone back through the admin panel and made sure everything is set to display homepage panes properly?

    Do you have many plugins installed? Can you try deactivating all of them (be sure to empty the cache in your browser) and we can rule out a plugin conflict.



    Foiled again!!!! ARG, it’s the Marketpress plugin. I tell you, for a paid-for plugin, this thing is more trouble…. I have the Marketpress work around that Khairul Syahir had posted a bit ago in my child theme and it was working fine until I installed this latest update. What could have changed?



    BTW, this is the post that I used to get things working the last time this plugin messed things up:




    The latest update of what? Marketpress? Or Graphene?



    The latest update of Graphene. I just updated it yesterday on my sites. Only having a problem with this one of them, though.

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