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    I’m unable to get the home page panes to display on my website at litquake.org/sandbox/2012.

    Following the steps in Prasanna’s blog (http://www.prasannasp.net/how-to-enable-homepage-panes-in-graphene-theme/), I created “Welcome” and “Blog” pages and used them to set up a static front page (under Settings-Reading). In Graphene Options-Homepage Panes, I have the “disable” box unchecked, and set up to show “Latest posts by category” and 6 posts.

    The home page shows the “welcome” page below the slider and next to the sidebar. However, the blog “panes” do not appear at all, nor is there any indication of them when I “View Page Source.”

    Any ideas?



    Can you attach a screen shot of your Homepage Panes settings in Graphene Options?





    Don’t tag images from Gmail! It’ll show up to you only when you’re logged in. Other’s won’t see the image here. So, upload the screenshot to http://imgur.com and paste the BBcode here.



    Sorry. I didn’t know how to get an image onto the forum. Hope this one with BB code works:




    Hmm.. Is there atleast six posts under Authors category? Try with 2 latest posts and tell me the result.



    The Authors category has more than 1000 posts. But I changed the settings to display 2 posts instead of 6. Still no panes displayed on home page.



    Deactivate all plugins and clear browser/server cache and try again. If nothing works, look for

    .homepage_pane {
    display: none;

    in your custom CSS.



    Still no joy. I deactivated all plugins, cleared browser/server cache, and even tried with a different browser (one I seldom use). No changes.

    I don’t have any custom css for homepage_pane. I even tried adding the following custom css:

    .homepage_pane {
    display: block!important;

    Still no homepage panes.

    Any other ideas?



    That’s strange! Would you mind giving me temporary access to your WP-Admin area? I’ll take a look at the issue from the back end of WordPress.

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