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    Hi there,

    The links on my homepage panes no longer work. This may be connected to the yesterday’s wordpress update because it was definitely working fine a few days ago. However I have updated other plugins recently too. The images and text are correct but now the links just lead back to the homepage. You can see this at kimmagedsc.ie.

    Any advice appreciated.




    Just to add – you can see a cached version of the page here: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://kimmagedsc.ie/



    Kenneth John Odle


    They are working okay for me. Did you get this sorted?

    If not, try emptying your browser cache or starting your browser in safe mode to rule out a local issue.




    Thanks for getting back. It is indeed working now. I’m not sure what happened as another PC in the building was having the same issue. Thanks for your time anyway.

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