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    Firstly, to the author. Thanks for the great theme. Loving it! And it’s ease of use.

    There’s a few things which I can’t resolve on my own, so I’m coming to you guys.

    Webpage: http://www.askermodellklubb.no

    I have the slider on the front page, everything is working as intended.

    What I would like to do is use the “homepage panels” on the page called “Nyheter” from the menu. Perhaps showing 8-10 panels per page and a numbered page selector at the bottom.

    If that’s not possible to manage, I’d at least like to have the posts page (Nyheter) show only exerpts (few lines of text and picture) instead of showing the entire post.

    Any help will be appreciated! 🙂

    Best regards,




    I think what you are looking for is to manually add a “more” link on each post that is appearing on that page.

    I’m assuming you have set a static home page, with your blog roll on the “Nyheter” page.

    So, any time you create a post, it’s entirety is seen on this page. If you insert a manual “more” link where you want to “cut off” the post, it should reflect on your “Nyheter” page.

    The manual “more” link can be found in your editor when creating content.



    You’re correct, I have the static home page, and the blog roll is on the “Nyheter” page.

    When I try to edit a post, and I put some text in the Excerpt-box in the editor in WordPress, it still does not do anything about it.

    Also when I tried putting:

    “> Read More…

    Beneath text both in the post itself and in the Excerpt-window..

    What am I doing wrong?



    In your original post… not in the excerpt area… you need to insert a “read more” link. The button you use is is both the visual and html modes of the editor.

    Place the cursor at the point where you want the content to “end”… and then click the “more” button in the toolbar.

    Now, preview your blog roll again.

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