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    Hi all,

    I’m trying to center the Homepage Pane Title Text so that it is centered directly underneath the image. I can’t for the life of me figure out what I’m doing wrong here.

    Also, I’m attempting to change the Homepage Pane Title “Recently Published Recipes” into a normal font weight. This has got me stumped too.

    Grateful for any help.


    Sharon 🙂



    Just an update on this. I’ve got the Hompage Pane text centered (with the assistance of one of the fellas in the WP Forum), but the images are now out of alignment. Wondering if anyone might have some tips on how to get these back into a nice, even grid?

    This is the code that worked for me in centering the text in case anyone comes looking later:

    .homepage_pane h3.post-title > a {
    display: block;
    margin: 0 auto;
    width: 60%;}

    .clearfix:before {display: none;}

    .homepage_pane {text-align: center;}

    .homepage_pane > a {display: block;}

    I solved the problem of the bold header text in the homepage pane widget, too. If anyone comes looking for something similar, here is the code:

    #text-15 h3 {font-weight: normal;}




    Update: I’ve fixed the panes so that they’re in a neat grid but now some of them are being pushed over onto a seperate line. If anyone’s got any ideas, that’d be great.

    Kenneth, if you see this, can I bribe you with Apricots and more Apricots? 🙂 😉


    Kenneth John Odle

    Kenneth, if you see this, can I bribe you with Apricots and more Apricots? 🙂 😉

    Indeed! Thank you!

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