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    How can I change Homepage-name?

    Now the name is “Startseite”. I would like to change it in “Home”

    Thanks for the help in advance!


    Syahir Hakim


    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time. Please also include the link to your site so that we can take a look.

    John McCubbin


    If its just the name then in the editor (of the page in question) just change the title of it (slug/permalink as well if you want the link and slug name to change as well) You might also need to update your menu options if you have one.



    Just to expand on John’s remark…. Be careful when changing your slug. For example.. if there are already links floating around externally to your site which link to your current “Startseite” homepage, then changing the slug will cause these external links to break and generate 404 not found’s.

    So, you have a couple options….

    1. Changing JUST the name of the page and NOT the slug will be okay.

    2. If you change the slug name also… you will probably want to setup a 302 redirect via .htaccess from your old “startseite” homepage to your new “home” page.



    Thanks for the answers!

    I mean the main-page (“the first page”). This page is not to be found at the same place, where all pages are (editor / pages). Maybe you can describe how to change the name more detail.

    Thank you!



    You mean site title?

    WP-Admin –> Settings –> change Site title and description

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