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    I’ve added a number of writers to my website (TheFanManifesto.com) over the past few weeks, and thus am looking for a way to accomodate this explosion of content on my home page.

    The way I’d like to do this is by eliminating the ‘blogginess’ of my homepage (ie, the full length articles on the homepage) and replacing them with a few boxes that house certain types of articles.

    SI.com does something like this. What I want is, below my slider, to have a tap that says “Recent Posts” And then have links/pictures to three articles. Below that, a similar looking header that says “MLB” with three links/pictures to baseball articles. After that, an NFL header with the subsequents pictures/links. How do I go about doing this?


    Kenneth John Odle


    What I would do is to use a static front page and then enable an alternate front page widget. Then, create custom menus for each category of articles you want to have and drop each custom menu into a footer widget.

    You could actually display a few post excerpts above that by creating a “Featured” category and then using the Homepage Pane options to display just those posts. (You can make your front page show just excerpts in the “Reading” setting.)

    There are a lot of different ways you could go with this. Play around with and have fun. If you have questions or problems, let us know.




    thanks for the help. How do I get pictures to show up as part of the menus?



    this didnt come out the way I thought it would. What I’m trying for is something like what baseballdigest.com has. Look at the three sections under their featured article (MLB News, Features and Columns, etc), except bigger

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