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  • Sean B


    Noob here (and thanks for the help with the spam problem a couple weeks ago!)

    http://decahedralist.com/ is the site I am working on. I want the following and can’t seem to make it work:

    1. Homepage with sidebar and slider and the most recent blog post

    2. Blog links to all the blog posts (no filtering)

    I can’t seem to make it work. When I get the slider set up it won’t let me fix the Blog link (links to empty page)




    1. As far as I see you have everything. Only if you by “Homepage” mean Homepage panes with all that.

    2. Something like Archive? Did you try archive widget? Or like Recent widget but to show all posts?

    Sean B


    thanks Luko – I’ll give the archive widget a try

    Sean B


    I need to revise my ask (and I couldn’t find an archive widget)

    I want

    1. the homepage to have only the LAST, FULL blog post (only 1 and the most recent)

    2. Blog page to function as a normal blog with all the posts

    3. all the posts on the Blog page have a link and excerpt but not the whole post

    When I use Static Home Page, and I select the number of posts it works on BOTH the Home and Blog pages

    so how do I restrict the number of Posts on the homepage to 1? How do I change the format of the Blog page?



    Syahir Hakim


    I think the only to achieve all that you listed is to use a child theme, and then create a custom template for the front page that loads the latest post. Then use a static front page, and apply that template for the page that is being used as the static front page.

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