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  • penz


    Is it impossible to put a link on the header image on the homepage of my site? I have a static homepage. It works on every other page on my site.



    Kenneth John Odle


    Did you search the forum first? This topic has come up several times before, but I’m not sure what you want to link to.

    By default, the header image links to the home page.

    The header image does not have a link on the home page, since you are already in the place where it would take you. Thus clicking on it would force an unnecessary page refresh.

    If you want it to link to something else, here is a thread from two weeks ago:




    I didn’t check the forum first… My bad… Anyways thanks for your help it fixed my problem. Cheers.



    Items in a menu can have the # character as the url if you want them to go nowhere

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