home page without top area

  • guido diemer


    On my home page I see a white area before the text.

    What is this area. Is it a widget, or something else?

    How can I get rid of it – I don’t use it.



    Have you moved that site from your PC/local machine to the server? All style sheets URLs are beginning with http://localhost/

    guido diemer


    Yes I did.

    Apparently I did it the wrong way.

    How can I move it correctly?

    (I use the local site to test an try it before I put it on the web)



    Syahir Hakim


    How did you migrate the database from the local site to the production site? You will need to replace all instances of the local site URL with the production site’s URL. I’d recommend the WP Migrate DB plugin for this.

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