Home Page Widgets Missing in IE 8,9 and one post; visible in all other posts

  • gbenzie


    I have been using your theme for over a year now. It is greally great.

    I recently upgraded to 1.7 … there might be a bug, so am posting here … I recently noticed that my widgets are gone from my home page, but only in IE8 or IE9. Works fine in Chrome and Firefox (latest versions). Once you leave the home page, widgets reappear on nearly every page, except one (hopefully, this will help to diagnose?; URL below). I upgraded to Graphene 1.7 and am running WordPress 3.1.4.

    “Exception” page where widgets are gone: http://www.apriso.com/blog/2012/04/before-you-pick-out-a-pair-of-augmented-reality/

    Blog home page is http://www.apriso.com/blog

    Thanks for your help.



    As an update to my prior post, my problem is now occurring on ALL browsers … Chrome, Firefox and IE



    ..my problem is now occurring on ALL browsers … Chrome, Firefox and IE

    Looks fine in firefox



    The problem appears to be isolated in Internet Explorer.


    Syahir Hakim


    There seems to be a bunch of (malformed) codes at the end of that page content. Try going to the Edit Page screen for that page, swicth the editor from Visual to HTML mode, then delete the extraneous codes at the bottom of the page’s content.



    That fixed it! Thanks.

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