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    I recently added the “AddThis” plug-in (it displays and makes available social media sharing) to my posts. On my homepage, it has caused the preview text in my blogs to not wrap around the preview/featured photo.

    My website is: http://www.studentYOUnion.com

    Is there anyway I can get the text to wrap around the photo on the homepage?



    How are you inserting the “AddThis”?

    You already have the social sharing icons at the bottom of each post. And now you are adding more to the top of each post. I see this a lot, and it’s very easy to “litter” your webpage with social sharing icons.

    I find this extremely annoying, and it takes away from the overall integrity of the website. However, this is just my opinion 🙂

    Regarding your issue, it looks like the code is being inserted directly after the call to the image… forcing everything else down below the image.

    So, how are you inserting the “AddThis” code. Not the one for the bottom of your posts in the graphene options… but instead the top one on each of your posts?

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