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    My site http://tcdsa.org/ was fine this morning, but after upgrading the theme, all pages are fine except the homepage – it is now full width with no sidebar! I have been working on it all morning, even uninstalling Graphene and trying a new theme. When activating a new theme, there is absolutely nothing when going to view my site – just a blank page! Please help as I now apparently do not even have the option of using another theme. It was perfect before I upgraded???? I still want to use Graphene but need it to work properly, my homepage is awful! Please help.



    Go to Appearance -> Graphene Options -> Display tab -> Column width options

    What do you have set for “container width”?

    Is your homepage supposed to be a single column template or a two column template?



    It is set to the default settings, I never changed that. If you look at the other pages, that is how the homepage should look, that is what is so weird, that the rest of the site is fine??? thanks



    oh, and the container width is set at 960



    Try temporarily disabling sidebar-login, nextgen-gallery, nextgen-scrollgallery, custom-contact-forms, and user-access-manager plugins. I think one of it’s css is causing the issue.

    Did you change anything in Graphene theme’s stylesheet?



    Hi, thank you. I did try deactivating the plugins, didn’t help. I didn’t alter the style sheet at all. For now I have just gone back to the previous version, and it looks fine except for weird gray triangles over the white content areas. I noticed these this morning too when I logged in, before the update. The update fixed the triangles but made the homepage all weird. For now I will just use the previous version. Is there anything else it could be? Or a way I could fix the triangles and just use the older version? With the homepage issue it was certainly something about that page because I even tried making the homepage a static page and it would just lay it underneath all the empty space and slider? I am beyond confused so any help would be greatly appreciated. I did recently “move” my files, could that be part of it? I had it installed in a separate directory and then moved everything to the root. But it was working fine for several weeks how I moved it, until the update? Thanks for the help.

    P.S. the triangle issue is only in Chrome, I looked at it with Explorer and it looks fine?



    You need to clear your browser cache (if possible, server cache too) after deactivating any plugin. Did you do that?



    One more thing, this afternoon it was only the homepage that was messed up. But several hours later, it was the whole site, every page. It was all stretched out with no sidebar, just like the homepage was. What could cause that? Everything is fine now that I put it back to Graphene 1.5.6 (except for the gray triangular areas over content when viewing with chrome)



    yes, I cleared the cache with every change I tried.



    I took a screen capture if you want me to send it to you somehow so you can see what happens in Chrome?

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