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  • palijn



    I’ve just upgraded Graphene to the last version (1.4.1).

    My home page is displaying the 5 last articles, from 2 different categories. This is working well usually, selecting the 2 categories in Graphene’s options.

    Unfortunately, as soon as one post in one of the selected categories is marked STICKY in WordPress , then this post becomes the only one displayed .

    I do tend to think this is a bug :-/

    Thanks for your support and your great work!





    To add some info: actually, the non-sticky posts are, technically, displayed…but I failed to see that they are stacked at the bottom of the page 🙁



    /me again : sorry, actually this issue seem to lie in my child theme , as Graphene seems to display sticky and non-sticky posts normally.

    I absolutely apologize for the wrong report… and I keep praising your work !




    Syahir Hakim


    Glad it works out for you 🙂

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