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    I am new to wordpress & website creation. I would like my home link in my menu bar to link to my most recent posts and show up as the website url not “/home” Right now when I click on it my page is blank and my sample post is not showing up. I would prefer a dynamic page. I would appreciate any input.

    I have gone to menus in the appearance bar and have been unsuccessful at changing the link.

    I’m am not good to css code, but I’m sure Graphene offers that option & I’m missing it. Thanks in advance.


    Kenneth John Odle








    Kenneth John Odle


    Prasanna! Isn’t it the middle of the night for you?



    Yup, bed time! 🙂



    Thank you that made it easy 😉

    2 more questions:

    1) My posts are coming up as admin and I went into my wordpress settings and changed display name to ffglobetrotter and changed the option to that on display name, but my posts are still coming up as ‘by admin’

    2) I have seen a few threads about changing the wording on a ‘leave a reply’ to ‘Comments.’ I tried the php file thing and it didn’t work. Very confused w/ creating a child theme. Is there an easier way to go about this?

    Thank you,


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