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    I am using Graphene 1.6.2 on http://www.cartersgymnastics.org/ and usually viewing in the latest Chrome version. When the site first comes up to the home page in Chrome and IE, it displays the full width of the screen and with the side column at the bottom, instead of a two-column format. All of the rest of the pages and posts display correctly, and the home page does as well if you navigate to another page and then click back to the home page. At the host, the site is set to point to http://www.cartersgymnastics.org/wordpress. I have made no editing or other changes to any templates, since I do not have any experience doing so. The problem seemed just to appear (as in not after an update) out of the blue.



    That’s strange. I’m not sure what’s doing that. Have you tried disabling your plugins to see if it is a plugin conflict?


    Kenneth John Odle


    This page http://www.cartersgymnastics.org/ is the problem. You have installed WordPress into a folder, and then redirected it to the root directory. It looks like something was done incorrectly; that’s why http://www.cartersgymnastics.org/wordpress/ works fine, but http://www.cartersgymnastics.org/ doesn’t.

    If you did this installation yourself, then read this page in the codex:


    and make sure you followed all the steps correctly.

    If this is something that your host did for you, you need to contact them and make them aware of the issue.

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