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  • EEPaul


    Since a recent Graphene update, my homepage (displaying posts) has started to act strangely. See ExtranetEvolution.com

    Widgets no longer display in the RH side bar, being displaced by a recent (but not the most recent) blog post headline, while (scrolling down) several old blog posts now seem to display full width.

    The widgets seem to have now been displaced into the footer.

    The header image no longer functions as a link back to the home page.

    Not sure why this has happened, nor how to fix it. Hope someone can help. Thanks


    Syahir Hakim


    Looks like there’s an issue with the particular post titled “Oracle set to buy Aconex“. If you open that particular post, you’ll see it’s single display is also malformed.

    Check the post for any HTML error, particularly for any </div> at the end of the post.



    Many thanks. Resolved it now.
    Best wishes – Paul

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