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  • Nic


    Hi, I want my home page to look like this when a visitor first arrives:

    http://www.enzocozzi.com/?offset=10 (this excellent & tidy display happens when I get back to the home page using the pagination links)

    Instead of looking like this:

    http://www.enzocozzi.com/ (note the untidy extra white layer behind the posts, no thumbnails, etc…)

    How can I do that?

    BTW in case it’s relevant I obtain the transparency effects through this child-theme css: #content {-moz-opacity:0.8;opacity:0.8;}




    Try remove #content code stuff from style.css

    Then again, try post your style.css here & please remember

    to put the code between backtick when you post code here 🙂



    Syahir Hakim


    Hurm..looks like you’re using a Static Front Page when instead you want to list your latest posts in the front page. Try changing “Front page display” option to “Your latest posts” in WordPress admin > Settings > Reading.

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