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  • rodeboy


    My site is http://www.jazzjam.org.uk and I have a slight issue. I created some posts purely to get images into the slider, there is no other content on the page. That part worked well.

    If you click on ‘The Musicians’ and then on ‘Brendan’ towards the top you have ‘Lee >>’ on the right to take you to the next artist. However on the left (and beyond) you have ‘Brendan – Jazz Jam>>’ which is the first of the slider only posts. I don’t want them appearing here, so how can I hide them from this part of the site please?

    I hope that this is clear!

    Thanks very much,




    Add this to child theme style sheet or in Graphene custom CSS

    .post-ID {
    display: none;

    Where .post-ID is the ID of post that you want to hide. If you don’t know how to find out post IDs, Google for it. I’m on mobile now. So I can’t write those things…




    Thanks guys.

    Kenneth I haven’t really gone down the road of Action Hook Widgets – so a bit nervous to do so. Is that my only option?

    Prasanna I added

    .post-167 {

    display: none;


    where the ‘Brendan – Jazz Jam’ post has the ID of 167. It removed the post but I still get the ‘Brendan – Jazz Jam>>’ option at the top. Have I done something wrong? Can I take out several posts this way by just putting a comma between ID’s, or do I need a separate entry in the Options CSS for each post?

    Appreciate you taking the time to consider my problem.



    Syahir Hakim


    In version 1.8, posts that belong to slider categories will be excluded from the post navigation links as well, when the “Exclude the categories from posts listing” feature is enabled.

    You can get this feature now by replacing the theme’s includes/theme-loop.php file with the trunk version here:




    Many thanks Syahir. I have copied and pasted the content from your link, replacing my theme-loop.php.

    Can you now please point me in a direction to exclude the ‘Slider’ category from posts listings?

    Regards, Chris


    Syahir Hakim


    Graphene Options > Slider Options, select “Show posts from categories“, then select Everywhere for the “Exclude the categories from posts listing” option.



    The offending bits are still there Syahir.


    Sorry to be a nuisance!



    Syahir Hakim


    Have you selected the categories for the slider posts?



    Yes. I have Caegories to display as ‘Slider’ and Exclude Categories was ‘Everywhere’ but I have changed it back to ‘Disabled’ as it messed up the front page (showed all the Musician posts on one page).

    I’ll put it back to ‘Everywhere’ for 20 mins to allow you to have a look!

    Thanks, Chris

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