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  • mgvirtual


    Is there a way to hide the title of a page from the page itself (or a plugin one might recommend to do it?)

    For example, on http://www.vulpinereach.org/wp/ there’s a blue “Home” with a hr below it then the page content. Is there a way to get rid of the “Home” on this particular page without the title going away on other pages?


    (Still working on that sidebar CSS thing! I’ll get back to you on it!)

    Jon Lynch


    try adding .home .page-title {display:none;} to your css.




    Unfortuantely, that didn’t do it. As it turns out, what I’m apparently really trying to hide is the permalink title.

    Jon Lynch


    sorry should have said .home .post-title {display:none;}




    I’m trying to do the same thing, but don’t know how to ‘add to css file’. Can you point me in the direction of how to do that?



    Syahir Hakim


    Just insert it in WP Admin > Appearance > Graphene Options > Display > Custom CSS.



    Thank you so much!

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