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  • sylvia


    Looking for a little help here. In all my posts I insert at least one image…and at the bottom of all these posts I have a line of text that gives credit to the photographer. My question is….I don’t want this line of text to be displayed when the posts are viewed in excerpt view (example – category archives). Is there a way to hide this line of text in excerpt view using CSS? Function? Plugin ?


    Kenneth John Odle


    If that line of text has a special class (say .credit for example), then you could hide it in category pages like this:

    .category .credit {display:none;}

    I believe the same thing would work for excerpts, using .excerpt in place of .category You may need to use the HTML editor to assign that special class, however.



    Ken, thanks for the reply but that did not work. I put the following code at the end of a post:

    <div class="photo_credit">Image via John Smith</div>

    In normal post view….it allowed me to apply css to this div. When I viewed this post in my category archives….it took the text and placed it inside the </p> tags of the post and removed the “photo_credit” class….so my “photo_credit” css had no effect on it in category archives view. Can you offer any suggestions? Thanks




    Never mind….I see in the excerpt options I had to retain the div tag….so its working now.

    One other question though….how did you know that the .category class existed?? When I was troubleshooting my code in the firefox inspector….I could not see that class anywhere???


    Kenneth John Odle


    It’s part of the basic structure of a Graphene page, applied to the <body> element. So just use Firebug or “view source” to examine the <body> tag to see what you are dealing with.

    Others include:

    home — the home page

    single — for a post

    page — for a page

    category — for a category archive

    tag — for a tag archive

    archive — for any kind of archive

    There may be others…I forget sometimes. But this is very useful when working with PHP.



    Thanks Ken.

    To be honest…I still can’t find it. I know if I click on an element in firebug and view its source…at the top of firebug its shows the hierarchy of its parent elements all the way back to the <html> tag….but the list of classes that you show above does not appear anywhere in that hierarchy. This is how I always determine what css tag i need to modify….but for some reason with that category tag not being displayed….it made this difficult for me.

    Nonetheless…this is great information to know and makes things a lot easier for me! Thank you!

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