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  • garyc


    Hi guys,

    I’ve just installed the Neo theme for http://www.hackneytools.com

    Very exciting to see my little site so well-rendered on smaller devices, so thanks for a great feature.

    I have one tweak I need to work out. My site requires a small amount of contact info which has

    to be quite dominant as the site is basically attracting people who might want to sell me their

    old tools.

    On the standard site, this was well covered by a sticky post. However, I had to use a manual

    excerpt instead of putting normal post content in, as I didn’t want that post to be chopped with

    a ‘Continue Reading’ button.

    How I have the mobile theme, the slide out panel would be great to contact info, but how do i

    NOT show the sticky post?

    It has a category on it’s own of ‘We Buy Tools’, but can’t see how to just check off that post and

    not have it appear on the front page. I think I’ve tried all the options in the Graphene Neo

    Front Page Options for showing selected categories, but the post always seems to show.

    Thanks guys



    Syahir Hakim


    You can just hide it using Custom CSS. Insert this code in GM Neo Options > Display > Custom CSS:

    .home .post-1923 {
    display: none;



    Oh, that worked perfectly. Thanks Syahir. Love this theme!

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