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    I am using a static home page and want to hide the text area so that it is just the slideshow and 3 widgets underneath. Is there CSS coding to do this?

    See the image below for reference:




    .post-ID {
    display: none;

    Where post-ID is the ID of your static front page. (Example: post-123 )

    Please provide a link to the site which you are customising.



    Will do in the future! Thanks for your help



    I have used the following code in my custom css

    .post-401 {
    display: none;

    I have enabled the slider and some widgets but I cannot get the content of that post to not show. I am not sure what I might be doing wrong.



    I got it to work. It wasn’t what I was wanting to do, but it works. I’ll save this for future use. What I really wanted was to hide the page title, so it doesn’t say “Home” at the top. There is probably a big red button that does that, but I missed it.

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