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    I cannot find this option on my new site. It is on my other ones.

    If you want to hide site title and description above the header image, go to Appearance –> Header and uncheck Show header text with your image

    SIte is: http://www.84Essentials.com



    Anyone have any idea where this option went to?



    I looked through the forum and tried the CSS mentioned and it did not work either.

    #site-title span {

    display: none;



    Kenneth John Odle


    I remember that setting, but I don’t remember when it disappeared or where it went to. Weird.

    This code may work:

    #header .header_title,
    #header .header_desc {
    display: none;



    That worked, thanks Kenneth. I changed the status to “not a support question so Syhir can add it back in. It was a handy little box to check, and maybe he is not aware that it disappeared.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Glad to help! Cheers!



    Thanks for the information

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