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    I have some page in my navigation bar and now I want to create another one, but this one I wanted to be hidden. I searched the net but can’t find the code <?php wp_list_pages();?> in the Graphene theme files (header, sidebar). Can someone tell me where I find it so I can modify the code?



    Kenneth John Odle


    Do not edit theme files. Use a custom menu, instead. There is a tutorial on my blog.

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    I don’t need to create custom menus, I just want to hide a page on the navigation bar. This is for my privacy policy and terms and conditions; then put a link at the bottom of my blog that goes to the page permalink. Is there any way I can do this in Graphene without using a plugin ?



    So you only want the page link to show up in the footer only? If so, this can be done:

    Dashboard > Appearance > Menus

    On the top there is an option to create seperate menus where you can add all your pages and categories.

    That’s how I have managed it:


    On the bottom you can choose where you want the pages and categories within that specific menu to be displayed.




    I saw that option, but not like that. All I need is to hide some of the pages in my navigation bar and use only their permalinks.



    Because you said you want to put the links at the bottom of your blog (footer). What I told you above is exactly how you will get that done. The pages (eg. privacy policy) will not be shown in the navigation bar but in the footer.

    Check my site and tell me if that’s what you want because I have it like you described earlier.


    Some pages like (home = custom link, about, contact) are shown in the navigation bar and then I have also pages that are only displayed in the footer such as terms and conditions or privacy policy.

    You can also create pages and dont have them displayed at all I think.

    If that’s not how you want it then I don’t know what else.



    It’s working. The first time it did not worked for me because I had no custom header menu created, just the default one. Once I created it and the footer menu everything worked out just fine. And no need to edit the theme files, like Kenneth said.

    Thanks both of you.

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