Hide html tags in comments and Footer option.

  • seanpb2004


    I’m trying to hide the html tags in comments. I have used the checkbox ‘hide tags in comments’ in display options but they are still there. Is it only effective on new posts, or should it be recursive?

    Also, is it possible to hide Footer widgets on all pages other that the home page?

    Thanks in advance.



    Syahir Hakim


    I don’t see any HTML tags in the comment form on your website already. It should apply to all posts and pages that have comments enabled, regardless of when they are written/published.

    As for the footer widget, have you tried the Alternate Widgets options in WP Admin > Graphene Options > Widget Area Options ?



    Thanks. Comment change took some time to happen, but I think perhaps it was a W3 cache issue. Looking at footer stuff now, but I think similarly, the W3 Cache is the problem. Would you suggest I clear all caches?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Yes, caches will hold static files until they expire. If you are not seeing the changes you make, you need to clear the cache. In fact, if you are working on changes to your blog, I recommend temporarily turning off caches until things are working the way you want them to.


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