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    I’m wanting to create a custom “thank you” page to display immediately after someone donates through my paypal link. I thought it would be nice to make a page or post on my site for this purpose. Then, I could enter that url into paypals box for the redirection after donation.

    What I DON’T want is this page to be visible anywhere else on my site. Not from the menus, or the categories, or anywhere visible. I don’t mind if it’s seen through a url.. but I just don’t want people to browse to it easily.

    I guess just a “floating” page only available by typing the url directly.




    Why not just make a page as you would regularly but not add it to your menus. and for the categories, don’t add it to any. Does this not work?

    I’m not sure how you do your menu’s, but if you use the custom menu, you can just leave it out.

    But the search function will still bring it up.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Or…create a “thank you” page in html, upload it to your root directory, and set it with a timed redirect, so that after a few moments it takes people back to your blog’s front page. (You could also include a link that they could click if they are in a hurry.)



    I guess I use a default menu for my header. Check my site:

    It added it to the main header menu “test page”. But it’s not in my sidebar menu or my footer menu, as that was a custom menu. So what am I using for my header menu??



    Ken, I like that idea too. But what I’m wanting to do is have it consistent with my website. Such as within a post or a page, and still have header, sidebars, footer, etc. visible. I think paypal offers a simple redirect, but I’d like to make it on my site, instead of a generic thank you page.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Okay, then use a regular page and then add a robots.txt file marking it as “no index”?



    But how do I keep it from displaying in my top menu? I made a “test page”. It doesn’t show up in my custom menus on the sidebar and the footer. But it shows in the main menu at the top.

    I’d like it not to show there.. but I like having my menu descriptions and don’t want to remove them.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Aren’t you using a custom menu there as well?



    No, only the same custom menu in both the sidebar (as a widget) and the footer (via the menu theme locations).

    Every page I have created is used in the top menu. I guess that’s how I get the descriptions (I type them in each page)?? I don’t get descriptions on the custom menus (which is fine with me).

    This has been weird for me. I’d use the custom menu up top, but then I would lose the descriptions, wouldn’t I? I think the top menu is the default wordpress way of using the pages for a menu.


    Kenneth John Odle


    No, you can still get the descriptions in a custom menu. You just have to enter them manually after adding them.

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