Here is my site and I am still working on it :)

  • sanujams


    Here is my personal website which I used for posting study notes, practice quizzes and tips for University of Calgary science courses (I am student). I addition, I have posted few of my writings as well… (This is how I improve my English writing skills)

    I am still customizing the theme and I will implement the Graphene Mobile Theme this summer.

    Let me know what you think. THANK YOU very much for the free theme and to support you, I am going to buy the Mobile theme. (I don’t need the mobile theme)

    EDIT: The reason I have separated the WordPress system with the folder “blog” because I need root http for other things. The first page will take you to a HTML intro page.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I love it.



    It looks great! What widget did you use for the inspirational quotes?




    The Inspirational Quotes uses Quotes Collection plug-in at The best part is it has the ajax refresh.

    Thank you Kenneth. I am going to school taking some Summer and Spring classes at uni. But when I am done, I will go for mobile site and customized the whole site all over again(and this time with real changes to CSS.

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