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    I’m a complete newbie and need help with my title. I wanted to move it to the right and found some help in forum on how to do so. THANK YOU. Now I have an issue that the title is showing perfect on my home page but on my pages it is not. In the pages it appears the title moved but the description did not. This is the code I used.

    #header h1, #header h2{

    top: 100px;



    You can check out the issue on my pages at

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks



    Remove the above code from your CSS and try something like this,

    .header_title {
    left: 725px !important;
    top: 50px !important;

    .header_desc {
    left: 660px !important;
    top: 50px !important;

    Change top and left values according to your requirements.

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