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    I am not sure if there is anyone who can help with this:


    If you scroll down a bit you will see a listing called “Test”

    I want the word “test” to be larger…maybe22px.

    These are the directions — I tried and failed. If anyone can help with this I would so appreciate it.

    1) Create a file called wpbdp_custom_style.css under wp-content/plugins on your site. This location won’t be overwritten by any plugin or WordPress on upgrade. You may also place this file under your theme directory as well.

    The plugin is forgiving in locating the file–any of the following names will work for the custom style file, in EITHER location:

    – wpbdp_custom_style.css

    – wpbdp.css

    – wpbusdirman.css

    – wpbdp_custom_styles.css

    – wpbdm_custom_style.css

    – wpbdm_custom_styles.css

    That means you should be careful not to have TWO custom files laying around. Pick one place, stick with it! I recommend the wp-content/plugins area as it can’t be overwritten by a theme upgrade.

    2) Place any style changes you need in this file. It will be loaded such that these changes will take precedence in the CSS hierarchy over other styles in BD.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Are you using a custom CSS plugin? Is that what these instructions are for?



    No, these instructions are from a plug-in called. “Business Directory Plug-in” But I was thinking I should be able to use the Graphene CSS area…Maybe?

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