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  • rickytherhino


    I can’t get my pictures in the sliders to work right. I’ve seen other posts talking about the sizing issue but that didn’t seem to resolve it. So being frustrated opted to not show any photos but now I still get the ’empty’ photo placeholder. Can anyone help me remove it or actually get my photos to post in the slider right?






    Clicking the above link infected my computer with a javascript file. It is the the “ADWARE System Performance” trojan.

    It completely wiped out all of my programs, files, and operating system controls.

    NOTHING opens on my computer.

    I am having to reformat now.

    If you are not aware of this… you need to be. If this was intentional, I am going to be extremely vengeful.

    Will post back once I get my main computer up and running again. Please moderators be cautious with this one.



    What?? How is that possible? I’m running all my scans now to see what I can find. How do I keep this from happening to someone else?

    It definitely was not intentional! I really apologize for everything that you lost. I’m sorry.


    PS – I tried to take the link down so no one else would click on it but it won’t let me. I feel really bad man. I’m sorry.



    I just finished all my scans and nothing came up. I run AVG everyday and nothing. I used another website virus checker and it came up clean. I don’t understand what happened….



    You sound very sincere, so I know it wasn’t intentional :). I’ll look into it more when I get my computer back up (about two hours). I just don’t know what else could have caused it. I wasn’t paying real close attention, but I saw a JavaScript warning pop up, then my browser closed, then the virus started running, then I couldn’t open any programs or files.

    There is certainly a small possibility it came from somewhere else… but I was not running any other programs, had only one tab open in my browser, and was not downloading anything from anywhere else.

    So… I’ll post back soon and take a closer, more cautious, look into things 😉



    Sorry about everything man. Let me know what you find so I can try to fix it. I went to a couple of site searchers like AVG and and they came up negative.




    Daniel, I am sorry for my first message above. Even if this originated from your site, I still should not have vented my frustration here.

    I apologize.

    Now, I’m back up and running (better than ever before, actually) but I am afraid to click the link again 😉 So, I’m going to wait and let one of the other mods give it a try.

    Regarding your original issue; what settings are you using in the slider admin options? Are you using a featured image, or just the first image in your post?


    Syahir Hakim


    I just tested the link, seems good. No JS popup whatsoever. Coincidence, maybe?



    Well, I certainly trust you… so, I’m gonna click it again.

    Syahir, I apologize to you also. That’s not like me at all 🙂 I just get so aggravated with spyware on my computer. Won’t happen again!



    Yep, no troubles this time. Very strange, indeed. Maybe I had a “sleeper” that just decided to waken at that exact moment.

    Sorry Daniel, Syahir, and anyone who reads this in the future 😉

    @ Daniel,

    Let me know about your image settings, and I’ll make sure to help you get it resolved to your liking; in return for being cool during my “explosion”.



    Haha! No worries. I would have been frustrated too.

    So here is what I have for image settings.

    Show specific pages/posts

    3 to display

    display first image in post

    thumbnail and excerpt

    Do you need any more settings? I’ve tried to the URL for specific image…. too big. I can’t seem to get the image to scale right maybe? Same with my header… I have a big image that looks great but I can’t get it to fit either.





    @Josh, I got 2 of the 3 images to work by scaling them down within WP rather than a 3rd party app and then uploading it. The 3rd image didn’t work even with scaling…. Don’t know what’s up with that one. On my first tab now the View Full Post Button has migrated down and it cut off. Anyway to fix that?



    Well, instead if use first image in post.. I have mine set up to use featured image. I then go to each page/post that is in my slider and set the featured image.

    Give that a shot and see if it solves your problem.



    Ok great! That got all my picture acting right. Do you know why it knocks my ‘View Full Post’ Button off?



    nvm… I figured it out. My social media plugin causing the conflict.

    Thanks again! Sorry about the virus deal… I hope all is well.


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