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    I really need help with resizing the columns within my website. Can’t see any option within the ‘Options’ section that allows me to do this.

    Please take a look my site:

    In particular the problem on this page:

    I want to keep the three column setting but want to increase the overall width of the site to say 1100px. I want the two side columns to remain the same but want to increase the width of the centre column.

    Hope this makes sense.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Add this to your custom CSS:

    #container {
    width: 1100px;
    .three-col-center.three-columns #content-main {
    width: 585px;
    .three-col-center .post.nodate, .three-col-center, .three-col-center .post.post_404, .three-col-center .post.post_404_search {
    width: 550px;

    That should do it. You will need to use another header, as the defaults will now be too narrow.

    You should also be cautious of how this is going to display on systems using different resolutions and screen sizes. The last thing you want is a horizontal scrollbar hiding your right widget area 😉



    Great! This has worked as I wanted. I’ve tweaked the px sizes though to look better and will amend the header as you suggested.

    Couple more queries.

    How do i get the footer widget to match the new size settings?

    How do i get this page – – the “one-column, no sidebar” page to look right?

    Thanks for your help



    Footer Widget:

    #sidebar_bottom .sidebar-wrap h3 {
    width: 975px;
    #sidebar_bottom .sidebar-wrap {
    width: 975px;

    One-column no Sidebar:

    .one-column .post.nodate {
    width: 994px;

    The footer will adjust with the code above. No need to do it twice.



    Thanks ever so much for this; I really appreciate it. Done the job exactly as I wanted/needed it to.

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