Help with matching graphene mobile to Graphene desktop theme.

  • RaymonGuzman619


    Hello, I was under the assumption that with Graphene Mobile I would more or less have my graphene themed site match my desktop version with all the same widgets, only, stacked vertically.

    Specifically, I would like my slider posts to display in full on the landing page.

    Have the other 3 widgets on my homepage displayed as well.

    Remove the search bar at the top.

    Have a custom header logo.

    Remove the recent posts section at the bottom.

    Is Graphene Neo better suited for this?

    p.s. I think graphene is a GREAT theme.


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Raymond,

    Graphene Mobile has a separate settings for its options, menus, and widgets. You’ll have to configure them separately via the appropriate sections in WP Admin. This allows for maximum flexibility in configuring the two themes.

    As for Custom Header, it is not supported in Graphene Mobile, but is supported in Graphene Mobile Neo.



    Could I upgrade to the Neo theme and pay the difference?


    Syahir Hakim

    Could I upgrade to the Neo theme and pay the difference?

    I have replied to you via email regarding your request above.

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