Help with getting the social networking site buttons on site and under posts

  • hugefails


    I signed up for a button, got one, and enabled the option under your settings and entered code, but it will not show up on my site. I was just wondering if you had any idea of how to get them to show up?

    Also I would like to donate but deleted your donate link from the footer of my page. how would i go about doing this? Thanks so much!


    Syahir Hakim


    The button does not show on any post-listing page, including the front page. It shows only in single-post page. This is because those buttons use the page’s URL as the link to be shared, and outputting the button on the front page will cause the same link (which is your website’s link, not the specific article’s link) to be shared for all the buttons displayed there, which is counterintuitive to the visitor.

    The donation link is at the bottom of the theme’s options page.

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